Self-Doubt, Stress & Perfectionism Don't Have to Control Your Life

Solution Focused Therapy for High Achievers

Availabile in -person in Austin and online across Texas and Florida

Middle-aged women

Your Inner Strength Is Still There

Feelings of overwhelm, isolation or unfulfillment can be transformed into self-acceptance, confidence and deep happiness. Mid-life challenges are complex, but we can navigate those transitions together.

Regain your confidence to overcome self-doubt

Empower yourself with stress management skills

Build your resilience and improve your emotional well-being

High achievers

Unlock Your Potential

Striving for excellence can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and burned out. Together, we can explore your path, develop coping strategies and discover a work-life balance.

Achieve without burnout

Find the work-life balance you deserve

Gain insight on what really matters to you

Trauma & emdr

The Past Doesn't Have to Determine Your Future

The past can feel like a constant cycle. Together, we can address your past and discover your future. You can do more than heal. You can thrive.

Break the chains of trauma and unlock your potential

Discover your sense of peace and empowerment

Transform your repeating thought patterns

Middle-Aged Women

Overcome self-doubt with strategies tailored to high achieving women like you.

High Achievers

Gain insight on what really matters to you and conquer burnout wihout compromising your goals.

Trauma and EMDR

Break the chains of the past. EMDR is an evidence-based therapy that can help you heal and thrive.

Lynn Lasky, LCSW 
Hill Oaks Therapy Austin, TX
About me

Hi, I'm Lynn.

Perfectionism, isolation, anxiety and overwhelm don't have to define your story. Neither does trauma.

Change happens now and it starts with you.

Together, we can discover solution focused skills and your innate strengths to unleash your authentic, successful self.

You can repair your relationships, find balance and break the chains of the past.

Reach out today. Let's write your success story.

Client testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about us.

Working with Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women has been life-changing. Their expertise in trauma and EMDR therapy has helped me overcome my past and find healing.

Jane Doe

CEO, ABC Company

I highly recommend Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women. Their compassionate approach and effective therapy techniques have made a significant impact on my well-being.

John Smith

Marketing Manager, XYZ Inc.

Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women has truly transformed my life. I am forever grateful for their support and guidance.

Emily Johnson

HR Director, DEF Corp.

I can't thank Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women enough for the positive changes they have helped me make. Their expertise and compassion are unmatched.

Michael Brown

Finance Manager, GHI Company

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