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Hi, I'm Lynn.

With over two decades of experience in the mental health field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our therapeutic partnership.Together we will explore your goals and unique path, develop strategies, and empower you to define your own success.

My approach to therapy is solution focused and deeply rooted in your innate strengths and resilience. I strive to create a safe, supportive space where we can work together to harness your strengths, find practical solutions, and foster personal growth.

I’m passionate about helping adults like you find balance and live your best life! I specialize in supporting high-achievers and women in their middle years. I also assist adults dealing with anxiety, relationship difficulties, life transitions, or trauma.

- Lynn Lasky, LCSW

Master of Social Work from the University of Houston
EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Lynn Lasky, LCSW 
Hill Oaks Therapy Austin, TX

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My Specialties

Middle-Aged Women

Experience personalized therapy tailored to the unique needs of middle-aged women.

High-Achieving Adults

Unlock your full potential with therapy designed for high-achieving adults.

EMDR and Trauma

Find healing and relief from trauma, altering your view of others and the world.

Client testimonials

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Working with Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women has been life-changing. Their expertise in trauma and EMDR therapy has helped me overcome my past and find healing.

Jane Doe

CEO, ABC Company

I highly recommend Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women. Their compassionate approach and effective therapy techniques have made a significant impact on my well-being.

John Smith

Marketing Manager, XYZ Inc.

Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women has truly transformed my life. I am forever grateful for their support and guidance.

Emily Johnson

HR Director, DEF Corp.

I can't thank Therapy for High-Achieving Adults and Middle-Aged Women enough for the positive changes they have helped me make. Their expertise and compassion are unmatched.

Michael Brown

Finance Manager, GHI Company

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